Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 Movie Update: Sonic’s New Design & Main Role

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Now I know that I’m a day or two late on this but some more Sonic Movie news has surfaced. Tails Channel actually got the chance to ask one of the films writers, Patrick Casey, a couple of questions that a lot of the Sonic fan base has been asking since the film was announced.

So the first question Casey was asked was about whether Sonic will look weird and creepy like in the fan film or how he looks in the CGI game cutscenes. In response he said “Neither” while also confirming that Sonic will have a new design that’s still Sonic but “a little more realistic.” At least we got some relief on Sonic’s film design, that’s a good sign. As the entire Sonic fan base was worried that the film would look like Paramount Pictures TMNT and its sequel. Now also Casey also replied to a fan drawing of what Sonic could look like in the film. Now he couldn’t confirm if Sonic will look like that in the film, but he did seem to imply it. The illustration features the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sonic render in a sketch that makes Sonic a little more fuzzy. Now personally I’m okay with this design.

Now the second question that Casey was asked was about Sonic’s involvement in the film as concerns grow of the human characters getting more screen time than Sonic. He reassures us that Sonic will get the most attention by saying “ Sonic is the main character, that was very important to us.” Now that kind of answers that question and relieves some worries that we had about the Sonic Movie. So that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this update, it wasn’t all that much but at least it was something new regarding the film.

But there are still more questions that remain to be answered about the film like; Will this be like Sonic X where Sonic’s world and Earth merge with each other? What will Eggman look like, CG, Live Action or a mixture of both? Will other Sonic characters outside of Eggman and Sonic appear? Who will be voicing Sonic and the other Sonic characters? I suspect that we’ll find the answers to these in the coming months. Maybe even next month at SDCC 2018, which Sega has attended and featured Sonic for the past two or three years. Plus Paramount Pictures is also attending as they usually do. So there is a chance that new info on the film will be featured at SDCC 2018, as it is in the filming month for the film.

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