Sly Cooper TV Series, Back In Development? E3 2018? New Sly Technicolor Banners


Hi guys, Blueknight here and once again we’re going to be talking about the Sly Cooper TV Series, so without further ado, let’s get started.

So as many of you already know that it’s been almost exactly one year since the Sly Cooper TV Show was announced. With that announcement, it left me and probably a lot of other Sly Cooper community members, thinking that the show might have some sort of appearance at E3 2018. However about a week ago, I broke this piece of news over on Twitter with the Sly community about Technicolor Animations new profile picture/banner for their YouTube Channel/Twitter account.

Technicolor Animation Productions (@TechnicolorAnim) _ Twitter - Google Chrome 6_9_2018 4_25_14 PM (2)Technicolor Animation Productions (@TechnicolorAnim) _ Twitter - Google Chrome 6_9_2018 4_26_09 PM (2)

So the two images above are Technicolor Animations social media pages. In these images you can clearly see a new logo for Technicolor Animation featuring Sonic Boom, Sly Cooper and The Murray. So we thought with them putting out these new banners/images, that they were ready to show something at E3 2018. Nope, according to Brad Foxhoven in his latest Tweet from two days ago, which you can see below

Brad Foxhoven on Twitter_ _Sorry - No update. Still in very active development!… _ - Google Chrome 6_9_2018 3_25_00 PM (2).png

He say’s “Sorry – No update. Still in very active development!”. So what does he mean by that? Does he mean the show went from pre-production back to development? Shouldn’t it be going forward into production, instead backward? Or does he mean some episodes are in development and some are in pre-production or finished status. I don’t know, all I can say is wait until E3 2018, if we don’t get anything there then a bigger chance it will be present at PSX 2018. I hope not because I think we’ve waited long enough to see something Sly Cooper. But I still have hopes it’ll release this year because of what PGS said while looking forward to the year ahead.


Plus Sly 5, we need a proper, solid, non-cliffhanger finale to the Sly Cooper series. I guess that’s what kept people coming back to the series was the cliffhangers, but cliffhangers are alright when your going to release a follow up title the next year. Not 5+ years later, now we are still in Sly’s 15th anniversary year until September, so I’d say a release date, even a trailer for the series and maybe Sly 5 at E3 is possible, but just don’t go expecting anything for Sly Cooper.


Releasing the show and Sly 5 to coincide within Sly’s 15th anniversary would be perfect for the series, especially since Sanzaru Games has a secret project. But there is a pattern that has happened before a couple of times actually, both Sonic Boom and the Ratchet & Clank Movie got trailers at E3 2014, Skylanders Academy and Sonic Boom got release dates one year after announcement. Plus there’s the cross-promotion with like Sonic Boom TV/games, Ratchet & Clank Movie/PS4 and Skylanders Academy/Imaginators. These patterns have repeated a few times and Sly shouldn’t be any different. I don’t know but I think were all going to be deeply disappointed if something Sly Cooper doesn’t come from E3 2018 and a Sly 5 announcement isn’t likely going to come from Sony’s press conference tomorrow, because their going to put all their focus on 4 exclusive first-party games. Sony will still cover other third-party and Indie games, but how much focus I don’t know, but that could include Sanzaru Games, as it’s Not one of Sony’s first-party studios.

On one final unrelated note, the times for the release of the new Spyro gameplay from E3 2018 are here and they are

2:45pm (PST)
5:45pm (EDT)
10:45pm (BST)
11:45pm (CEST)

June 11th at:
7:45am (AEST)

So that’s pretty much all I got, but all I can say is wait until E3 2018, Sony’s press conference is tomorrow. If Sly will be featured there I can’t say for sure, but the chances are way higher than they were last year. Once again guys, this has been Blueknight bringing you the latest in video gaming news to you at the speed of sound. So stay tuned as I’ll have more content on the way, in the meantime you can catch me over on these places

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