New Team Sonic Racing & Spyro Reignited Trilogy Pre-E3 Previews

Well I wasn’t expecting to do another Team Sonic Racing post so soon. Thanks goes to VolcanoTheBat for the above gameplay. Okay guys more characters have been confirmed including; Dr. Eggman, Amy, Rouge and E-123. There are a total of 15 characters to choose from, with five teams consisting of three characters each. So far we only know of eight characters, now that leaves seven mystery characters. It’ll be likely we get Metal Sonic for Team Eggman. As for the Team Amy is involved with we could possibly get Silver and Blaze be part of the same Team. The only track that we’ve seen however is a purified Planet Wisp, without any of Eggman’s machinery.

So apparently some journalists managed to try the game before E3 officially starts and so far all of which seem rather positive about the game. In the quick piece of gameplay above, we did get to see the game in action. There were a few Wisps involved in the gameplay like Burst and Cube. Also we see the return of the rings, which we have yet to find out what their function is, but it’s more likely their used to build up a boost gauge.

Team Sonic Racing releases this Winter for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC for $39.99.

Game Informer just released their preview for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, in their preview we see a lot more screenshots from the game, now I don’t know if all these are from the first game. But I do know their not from Year of The Dragon.

Spyro’s fire breath can not only scorch enemies and grass, but will also melt ice. In the preview were two levels one being Toasty and the other is Stone Hill. All of the enemies feature new animation but feature the same behaviours as the originals.

Plus we could see a cutscene during a gameplay demo during E3 2018, if that’s what Game Informer got to try out. Plus more concept art was featured in the preview.

So as more information appears, I will report on it as quick as possible. If I can I’ll try to combine all the news from E3 2018 into one big article like I did last year, rather than doing a bunch of individual posts.

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