The State of the Skylanders Franchise

heroes-bg Some would say that the Skylanders series will be all but dead after the release of the new mobile game and Skylanders Academy Season 3 on Netflix. So chances are that since the series hasn’t had a new game since Imaginators in 2016, is because it is either put on a really long hiatus or is canceled. Instead the only releases we got last year was Skylanders Academy Season 2, even new characters and level packs for Imaginators. Now this could change during E3 2018, but it’s highly unlikely because of Toys for Bob’s involvement with the Switch version of Crash N-Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy (still unannounced PC and Switch versions). Due to the pre-order sales numbers of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy exceeding Activision’s expectations, the company may consider cancelling Skylanders and continuing work on Spyro and Crash or after Spyro and Switch Crash release they could be doing a new Skylanders game. Said Skylanders game I think could go figure-less, because the toys take up a lot of shelf space in addition to costing big chunks of money when making several Skylanders purchases.

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Even including Crash and Cortex, as well as their own level in Imaginators didn’t help and the game still became the worst selling game in the series. Since Skylanders 4, Trap Team, the series’ sales kept getting lower and lower with each passing game. Now the Skylanders Academy TV show is doing way better than what Imaginators did in sales, as the show has become very popular, even receiving a few awards. While also becoming one of the top ten animated shows on Netflix, the series even introduced Crash Bandicoot, Cynder, Malefor and Dark Spyro. Now with Activision’s new agreement with 41 Entertainment for Skylanders Academy that means we could see DVD releases. Now there are no real confirmation of the series getting renewed for a 4th season as of this moment and going by what the showrunner has stated on Twitter, that he’s not sure on season 4 as he’s no longer working on the show after season 3. Seeing how most video game based shows only run for about three seasons and then their done. Like Sonic Boom for instance, is not even confirmed for a 3rd season, now I’m sure it’s in the works as former executive producer, Bill Freiberger, hinted at a season 3 when he said that Sega will announce season 3 when they want to (that’s basically what he said, because I don’t know the exact wording he used). Pac-Man and the ghostly Adventures also went for three seasons, but hasn’t aired a new episode since 2015 and only holiday episodes have released since on Netflix. Those are some examples, so Skylanders Academy might follow the same pattern.

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The Toys-to-Life concept is I think the reason for the plummeting sales after Swap-Force, because like I said above it costs a lot of money for buying a lot of anything Skylanders, plus the shelf space. Now that’s the thing with the Switch version of Imaginators is that once it scans a figure, you will never have to use that figure again as it is saved into the system. But besides that I think that the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is what will potentially end Skylanders. I mean its not like Toys-for-Bob doesn’t have anything else up its sleeves, its video on YouTube featured teasers for Spyro a month before the announcement, also contained teasers for another game their working on and from what I hearing its not Skylanders.

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It’s not just Skylanders that went through the same fate, back in 2016 Disney announced the cancellation of Disney Infinity after the process of creating toys have become to expensive to continue. Therefore shutting down Avalanche, then in 2017 the studio was picked up by Warner Bros. Interactive to distribute games for Disney, the first game after the studios revival was Cars 3. However it wasn’t the only Toys-to-Life title from Disney to get cancelled, the other was Disney Playmation. Then in 2017, Warner Bros. and Travellers Tales cancelled their Lego Dimensions line of products, again for it becoming too expensive for making use of actual Lego’s to work with the game, even adding a Sonic Level Pack wasn’t enough to save the series, even though the Sonic pack was the fastest-best-selling pack in the series. This news regarding Lego Dimensions also came after Skylanders was announced to not have a game release in 2017 and would instead release level packs throughout 2017. Now with Skylanders absence, a new Toys-to-Life game is coming into the competition, or not because of Skylanders being nowhere to be found outside of Academy and Mobile. So to be clear Skylanders isn’t officially cancelled or renewed, but it certainly remains to be seen after Skylanders Academy finishes with season 3 and the new mobile game. The decision is entirely up to Activision and Toys-for-Bob after the completion of Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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