Sonic SXSW 2018: All the Reveals From Today’s Panel

Yet another Sonic SXSW panel has come and gone, which means more announcements have been made. But first I’m going to start off with what wasn’t announced or shown, Sonic Boom did not get confirmation on a renewal or cancellation. The Sonic Movie was discussed for about thirty-seconds but nothing new and no new Modern main series Sonic game.

Okay, onto the stuff that was actually revealed, Sonic Mania Adventures is a 5 -episode series using the Sonic Mania animation, the series will be released on YouTube for free, the first part will release within the next thirty days. Sonic Mania Adventures takes place after Classic Sonic returns to his dimension at the end of Sonic Forces. Also Sonic Mania Plus, which has long been rumoured to be add-on DLC for Mania, was announced to be physical copies of the game plus DLC for current owners of the digital version, plus Ray and Mighty the Armadillo are going to be playable. Sonic Mania Plus releases this summer. Then there’s Sega and Puma’s collaboration on Sonic themed shoes.

This is probably the biggest part of the panel right here, it’s a teaser for the long rumoured Sonic only kart-racer. The darkened logo is lit-up by only a single letter, which happens to be a Sonic R stylized “R”. As to what the game features or the developer is unknown, however right after the teaser finished, Sega hinted at March 22nd, which is a week from now. So something should be revealed then, I just don’t know what. One last thing to add, is that Mystic Jungle is being added to Sonic Forces Speed Battle.

That’s pretty much it, I was expecting a little more announcements like for Sonic Boom or the Sonic Movie. Anyways, remember to check back here and the YouTube Channel, BlueKinght V2.0 for the latest in Sonic and other media news at the speed of sound.

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