Sonic SXSW 2018, Crash Trilogy goes multi-platform, New Jak Trilogy discovery and more

The official Sonic SXSW panel is expected to start in about three and a half hours and with it will come new announcements. Now the panel will be live streamed, not by me because I ‘m not in Texas to do that. But TSSZ News will be doing a live-stream of the event starting at 3:30 EST over on their Twitch, TSSZ Plus. Here is the link to their live-stream.

I will report any developments from the Sonic Panel when it happens. So I’m expecting to have another post up either later today or tomorrow. Sega as of today officially announced that they will announce new projects and collaborations

Yes it’s true, the first three Crash Bandicoot games, which have PlayStation exclusives since their PSOne exclusives since the late ’90’s, up until July of this year. All three games are coming to Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch on July 10th as the one year exclusivity to PS4 comes to a close. Now there will be some minor differences between all versions. The Switch version for instance, loses the fur textures that the other versions include. Also all the references to Naughty Dog (the original developers of the first three games) are removed in the non-PS4 versions.

A brand new, long dormant discovery from the Jak & Daxter Trilogy of games has been discovered. A debug mode which exists in all three original games (Jak X included but the code combinations are not yet known) allows for features previously unknown for over a decade. Correctly inputting the code allows for free camera mode, Jak seemingly levitates, speed up, slowdown walk around cutscenes and explore Sandover Village in Jak II, which could be accessed without the code on PS2 by opening or ejecting the disc and re-inserting the disc. I recommend checking VTNVIVI’s YouTube channel for more on this Jak discovery. As well as more on Crash, Jak, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Ratchet & Clank and more.

In addition to Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and Ty 2 Bush Rescue being released on PC (via Steam) for the past two years. Ty 3 Night of the Quinkan getting a remastered release through Steam on March 19th, this Monday. Like the previous two games there will be various added features and graphics upgrades, but this is currently a Steam Early Access title and will be removed from Steam Early Access toward the end of this year. Now comes the interesting part, Krome Studios has stated in the past that once the PC Ty remasters are done, then they would start on the remasters for consoles and then a possible return to new 3D Ty games.

That’s all I got for now, but be sure to check back for more Sonic and other media news. I have a new YouTube Channel, BlueKnight V2.0, which will pretty much be the same as the last one but going to try to improvise and get videos posted faster this time. Now I’m still going to produce Lego Stop-Motions and I still plan on that Sonic SFM movie series done and posted (okay I haven’t done that part yet, but may do a separate channel for that).

So you guys can now catch me over on these places

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