Sly Cooper TV Series: Season 1, Playstation Original, Character Designs


The Sly Cooper TV Series seems to be gaining speed in production and releasing this year seems ever more likely. Today we found out that Season 1 will consist of fifty-two eleven-minute episodes (like Sonic Boom) and is a Playstation Original (like the Ratchet & Clank Movie). We also got our first full look at The Cooper Gangs’ show designs and the likeness to the games is there. At least they changed Bentley’s design to Sly 4’s, while Sly and Murray’s designs are a little different from the movie versions. So the show may start with the first game, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, now I think I forgot to mention this before that when you save the concept art for the show, to your PC it’s titled Sly 1.sly1


Now some of you may wonder where I found this, actually with help from VTNVIVI through Twitter, he left a link to Technicolor Animation Productions’ “Productions” page where Sly Cooper is listed. I will leave a link.

So far there is no trailer for the series. That’s all I got, my next post about tonights Sonic SXSW panel will be up either tonight or in the morning. So be sure to check back for more news and updates for Sonic and other media at the speed of sound. And don’t forget to check my new YouTube Channel, BlueKnight V2.0, for news updates, Lego stop-motions and Sonic SFM’s (I may create another channel for those things).

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