E3 2017: Sonic 2018 movie, Sly Cooper movie news and New Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy gameplay

Well, it’s been almost a week or a little more than a week since my last post and a lot of news to cover, as I’ve been getting started over at Sonic Stadium Message Board responding to posts on Sonic 2018, Sonic Forces and Sonic Boom recent episodes. Links will be posted at the bottom for reference.

So let’s start off with the more popular news. Sonic Boom Robots From The Sky Parts 1-4 over-all was a great first multi-parter episode, among some the greatest episodes in the series, with more muli-part episodes to come. The next episode of Sonic Boom “Flea-ing From Trouble airs this Saturday June 3rd at 6:00 PM on Boomerang. Also there is a possibility that Sonic Boom may be coming back to CN (Cartoon Network) on Saturday, June 10th at 6:00 AM according to TV Guide’s listing for Sonic Boom.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales) was released this past friday with relatively positive reviews, some even saying is even better than the past three Pirates movies. An overall improvement over On Stranger Tides, as said by many as well as a fitting finale, however I don’t think this will be the final movie, as they said Pirates 5 is only the beginning of the Final Adventure.

Now there hasn’t been a lot of news concerning the 2018 Sonic The Hedgehog Movie, since the director and executive producer were announced late last year. Now with E3 2017 only two weeks away we may have more news on the way, even the possibility of a game based on the movie. Anyways, the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter page has a recent tweet that shows a picture that is not related to the 2018 Sonic movie at all (the picture just mimics Spider-Man Homecoming), but the tweet text says “Get Ready For The Action/Adventure Movie Of The Year”. Now think about it, the tweet was posted three weeks before E3 2017 (which Sega and Sony will be attending) and notice they said year, a year from now would be May 2018. Now also if you check out the Wikipedia page for Sony Pictures Animation you should notice their films for 2018 get released one to two months apart, however between Peter Rabbit (which releases on February 9th, 2018) and Hotel Transylvania 3 (which releases on July 13th, 2018) there is a three to four month gap, so Sonic could release in either April or May 2018. Also June 2017 is the 26th anniversary of the Sonic series, so announcing the movies release date, title, details, characters and their cast with a trailer would be big news at E3 2017, which also is in June. Last thing I want to add, now I already said this in a previous post but, Sony recently showed promo art for upcoming projects in 2017-2018 including: Goosebumps 2, Peter Rabbit, Jumanji and others however Sonic was not listed, now the reason could be they want to hold off until E3 2017 to give the announcement and info.

This past friday, Activision and Playstation released several gameplays for Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy from the third game (Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped). Gameplay Videos will be at the bottom of the article.

The Sly Cooper Movie is finally going to have some big news coming in June, but not at E3 2017. Three years it has been since we last heard news on the movie, it’s coming within the month, now since CEO of Blockade Entertainment, Brad Foxhoven tweeted this tweet on May 18th it’s safe to assume the news (probably a trailer with new info announced alongside it) will be released anytime between today and June 18th. In another tweet he said, the news won’t be at E3 2017, but will certainly be around then, now that either means one of two things; 1. the news could be announced before E3 or 2. around the time of E3, probably June 8th – 18th. Now I recommend heading over to the Youtube Channel VTNVIVI for more info on the Sly Cooper Movie and Crash Bandicoot.

New videos on our (new as of 2018) Youtube Channel; BlueKnight 2.0, will be up soon with news and updates.

Don’t forget to check back soon for the latest in Sonic and other media news, as well as Lego Stop Motions, here at the blog and over at our (again new as of 2018) Youtube Channel, BlueKnight 2.0. Also you can find me over at the Sonic Stadium Message Board under the Sonic Boom recent episodes, Sonic 2018 Movie and Sonic Forces discussions, these discussions is where you’ll find my posts (as well as more). Sonic The Hedgehog: 25 Years of a Video Game Icon Part 4 is coming soon.







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